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The Complete Peter Gunn

The Complete Peter Gunn

A groundbreaking and enormously popular TV show, Peter Gunn marked the moment in American television where modern popular music began to be used as an integral part of the audience experience. The cool, suave title character, played by Craig Stevens, was perfectly reflected in the urbane jazz written for the show by Henry Mancini. Mancini is, of course, one of the greatest ever composers of music for television and film, with many of his works winning Oscars and becoming part of the cultural fabric of the twentieth century. His music for Peter Gunn, sustained as it was over three seasons with 114 episodes in total, is collected here in a set which includes – inevitably – the familiar ‘Peter Gunn Theme’ alongside all the other tracks used during the series, originally released on two successful studio albums by RCA as ‘The Music From Peter Gunn’ and ‘More Music From Peter Gunn’.
Alongside these cuts, interpretations of Mancini’s music for the series from Ted Nash, Maxwell Davis, and from Pete Candoli are included. Candoli had performed on the original albums, and went on to release his own versions of the tracks on this collection.
By way of bonus material, Duane Eddy’s celebrated version of the theme tuneis also included, along with other alternativerecordings of this iconic piece by legendary saxophonist King Curtis, smooth guitarist Mundell Lowe and jazz trombonist Buddy Morrow.
In all, 2 discs and 49 tracks of modern but eminently listenablejazz that can take the listener back to the late-1950s and early-1960s when Mancini was discovering how far his considerable talent could take him and his audience, and equally provide a brand new sonic experience that sounds as relevant today as when first released.

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