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Bob Dylan - The Minneapolis Party Tape

Bob Dylan - The Minneapolis Party Tape

By May 1961 Bob Dylan had been living in New York and working the Greenwich Village cafés and folk clubs for nearly five months. With the harsh winter now gone, Dylan decided it was time to return north to Hibbing, Minnesota to spend some time with his parents. While en route, Bob stopped off in Minneapolis to visit some of the friends he had made during his time at college there. This would be the first of several visits to Minneapolis and a pattern would soon emerge.
Whenever he returned, Bob would crash in the apartment of Bonnie Jean Beecher, a girl he had dated while in college, and Dylan would thereafter jokingly refer to her apartment as either the Beecher Hotel or Minneapolis Hotel. These forays to Minneapolis enabled Dylan to use a friends tape recorder to capture what progress he had made musically during his time in New York. Eager to demonstrate how much he had learned while living in the Big Apple, he performed on several occasions for his old friends, and the so-called Minnesota Party Tape is the combined result of either two or, more probably, three of these May sessions.
Whilst this tape illustrate how much Dylan had progressed in the four months since he left Minneapolis for New York, his performances still consisted of blues, folk and Guthrie numbers with only the final song, 'Bonnie, Why'd You Cut My Hair'?, being an eccentric Dylan original. As one of the earliest documents of Dylans musicianship however it captures the birth of an icon, and thus provides essential listening for everyone with even a hint of interest in the genesis of Bob Dylan and of popular music more generally.


1. Ramblin Round
2. Death Dont Have No Mercy
3. Its Hard To Be Blind
4. This Train (Is Bound For Glory)
5. Harmonica solo
6. Talking Fish Blues
7. Pastures Of Plenty
8. This Land Is Your Land
9. Two Trains Runnin
10. Wild Mountain Thyme
11. Howdido
12. Car, Car (Riding In My Car)
13. Dont Push Me Down
14. Come See
15. I Want My Milk
16. San Francisco Bay Blues
17. A Long Time A-Growin
18. Devilish Mary
19. Railroad Bill
20. Will The Circle Be Unbroken
21. Man Of Constant Sorrow
22. Pretty Polly
23. Railroad Boy
24. James Alley Blues
25. Bonnie, Why'd You Cut My Hair?

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