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Bob Dylan - The Press Conferences 1965, 1966 & 2001

Bob Dylan - The Press Conferences 1965, 1966 & 2001

For the casual observer, however academic their study, to appreciate the characteristics of Bob Dylans personality to the fullest degree possible, the student of such matters can only get so far by listening to the mans music. In fact an early exponent in this field of endeavour - the notorious A. J. Weberman - failed majestically when attempting to uncover the real Dylan by using this method alone. He would later of course rifle through Dylans private trash in an attempt to augment his early findings, but fared little better when using this underhand method.
But to hear the man speaking in length in response to pointed questions from the media reveals many, often vaguely understood concepts and theories that Dylan has formulated and used in his work across the years. Opportunity to hear such opinions however are rare - Bob is historically against press intrusion and has at times become hostile and belittling towards members of the fourth estate; who can forget the hilarious, albeit somewhat unkind, reaction the young journalist shown questioning Dylan alongside Alan Price in Dont Look Back received?
But at press conference, although rare occurrences too throughout Dylans career, Bob reacts a little differently and will usually be receptive to questions and generally good natured. Three such press gatherings - in San Francisco and Los Angeles in 1965 as well as in Rome in 2001 - reveal more about the man than most one-to-one conversations with journalists ever do, and provide some fertile material for the budding researcher or the interested party. Full recordings of all these events are included in this delightful boxed set, along with a bonus interview given to Canadian broadcaster and journalist Martin Bronstein in 1966, during which Bob was on his best behaviour and was here too a revealing subject. Packaged elegantly with booklets and further sleeve notes by Derek Barker from the Isis Magazine, this set will prove an enticing item for anyone with a hunger for discovering more about this enigmatic personality than is generally known.

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