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Bob Dylans' Woody Guthrie

Bob Dylans' Woody Guthrie

It’s no secret that Bob Dylan’s influences are many, and he is never shy to reveal and champion the artists whose music touched him and provided inspiration for his own astonishing body of work. Chief amongst these celebrated songwriters and performers is a man whose life was chaotic, whose health was poor and whose morals were, albeit generally well intentioned, quite often dubious.
But Woody Guthrie – for it is he – composed and performed music that lifted the sprits of just about everyone who witnessed it, often during times of severe national depression and war, in which his North American homeland was so entrenched during the best part of his professional life. Bob Dylan would later say of his first taste of Woody’s music; “ I was stunned–didn’t know if I was stoned or straight. All these songs made my head spin. It made me want to gasp. It was like the land parted …”.
Dylan has to date recorded or performed a total of fifty-one Woody Guthrie tracks, everyone of which is presented on this 2 disc collection. From the song which has become the alternative US national anthem, 'This Land Is Your Land', to cuts which many will associate first and foremostwith other artists, such as 'Tom Joad', 'Bad Leroy Brown' and 'Gypsy Davey' - via obscure Guthrie numbers which the listener may well witness here for the first time, this joyous collection is all at once inspiring, educational, joyous and entertaining and will delight just about anyone with an ear for a great tune.


1: Tom Joad (part 1) (Trad., Guthrie)
2: Tom Joad (part 2) (Trad., Guthrie)
3: This Land Is Your Land (Trad., Guthrie) (2:29)
4: Pastures Of Plenty (Trad., Guthrie)
5: Who’s Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Feet (Trad., Guthrie)
6: Columbia Stockade Blues (Darby, Tarlton)
7: 900 Miles (Instrumental) (Trad., Guthrie)
8: Blue Yodel No. 8 (Muleskinner Blues) (Rodgers, Vaughn)
9: The Biggest Thing a Man Has Ever Done (Trad., Guthrie)
10: Jesus Christ (Trad., Guthrie)
11: Talking Columbia (Guthrie)
12: Talking Merchant Marine (Talking Sailor) (Guthrie)
13: House Of The Risin’ Sun (Trad., Guthrie)
14: Gypsy Davey (Trad., Guthrie)
15: Buffalo Skinners (Trail Of The Buffalo) (Trad., Guthrie)
16: Jesse James (Trad., Ledbetter, Guthrie)
17: Riding In My Car (Car, Car) (Guthrie)
18: Hangknot, Slipknot (Guthrie)
19: Talking Fish Blues (Trad., Guthrie)
20: Ramblin’ ’Round (Guthrie, Ledbetter, Lomax)

1: Don’t You Push Me Down (Guthrie)
2: Howdido (How Doo Do) (Guthrie)
3: Come See (Guthrie)
4: I Want It Now (I Want My Milk) (Guthrie)
5: Dead Or Alive (Poor Lazarus) (Trad., Guthrie)
6: Sally Don’t You Grieve (Guthrie)
7: Pretty Boy Floyd (Trad., Guthrie)
8: 1913 Massacre (Trad., Guthrie)
9: I Ain’t Got No Home (Guthrie)
10: Hard Travelin’ (Trad., Guthrie)
11: Ranger’s Command (Trad., Guthrie)
12: What Did The Deep Sea Say? (Monroe)
13: Goin’ Down The Road Feeling Bad (Guthrie, Hays)
14: Grand Coulee Dam (Trad., Guthrie)
15: Bad Lee Brown (Trad., Guthrie, Houston)
16: Danville Girl (Guthrie)
17: Golden Vanity (Trad)
18: Froggie Went A-Courtin’ (Trad)
19: Stackolee (Trad., Guthrie)
20: Do Re Mi (Guthrie)
21: Talking Dust Bowl Blues (Guthrie)

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