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Elvis Presley - The Complete 62' Sessions

Elvis Presley - The Complete 62' Sessions

Contrary to popular opinion, Elvis Presley was still making good music in 1962 - in fact, he'd recorded a very solid album of material. Unfortunately, in order to get to that material, you had to wade through an equal amount of silliness: "Song of the Shrimp" to get to "Suspicion", "Thanks To The Rolling Sea" to get to "Return To Sender", "Take Me To The Fair" to make it to "One Broken Heart For Sale". By 1962, Elvis and his handlers had neatly reversed the equation, recasting the King of Rock and Roll as a movie star who just also happened to sing. 1962 was not a leap year, so it contained 365 days. Elvis recorded for only seven of them. (And played live - on stage or in the TV studio - for none of them.)
But Elvis wanted to be a singer much more than a mere entertainer, and his talent in interpreting the vast musical catalog of his native country (and sometimes other countries) far, far outstripped his ability or desire to be the new James Dean or Monty Clift. It was this imbalance that had begun to nag him in 1962, but he'd come further than anyone with his background had any right to expect, even in America, and so he wouldn't dare upset the apple cart. Not yet.
This 2CD collection includes every recording Elvis released during the year in question and a fun time can be had dividing the songs present into those that can rank amongst his greatest recordings (the numbers mentioned above and others here - would surely figure in the top 50s of most fans), and those that in a word cant! But even the cheesier cuts, when delivered by arguably the best pop vocalist and performer ever, take on a different appeal than were these same ditties handled by a lesser talent.
Featuring 64 tracks in all across 2 CDs and including both soundtrack and movie versions of the music from his three 1962 films Girls, Girls, Girls, Follow That Dream & Kid Galahad alongside singles, b-sides, EPs and the terrific Pot Luck LP, this latest title release continues Chrome Dreams year-by-year Elvis collection as it builds into a complete library of The Kings releases throughout his life.


Disc 1
1. Good Luck Charm  2.21
2. Anything That’s Part Of You  2.01
(Single – Released February 1962)

3. Follow That Dream  1.37
4. Angel  2.37
5. What A Wonderful Life  2.25
6. I’m Not The Marrying Kind  1.50
(Follow That Dream EP – Released May 1962)

7. What A Wonderful Life  2.17
8. I’m Not The Marrying Kind  1.47
9. Sound Advice  1.25
10. On Top Of Old Smokey  0.16
11. Follow That Dream  1.30
12. Angel  2.31
13. Angel (Instrumental)  0.19
(From The Movie Soundtrack – Follow That Dream)

14. Kiss Me Quick  2.46
15. Just For Old Time Sake  2.09
16. Gonna Get Back Home Somehow  2.29
17. (Such An) Easy Question  2.19
18. Steppin’ Out Of Line  1.53
19. I’m Yours  2.21
20. Something Blue  2.59
21. Suspicion  2.34
22. I Feel That I’ve Known You Forever  1.40
23. Night Rider  2.09
24. Fountain Of Love  2.14
25. That’s Someone You Never Forget  2.48
(Pot Luck LP – Released July 1962)

26. She’s Not You  2.05
27. Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello  1.52
(Single – Released July 1962)

28. King Of The Whole Wide World  2.41
29. This Is Living  1.43
30. Riding The Rainbow  1.37
31. Home Is Where The Heart Is  2.32
32. I Got Lucky  2.10
33. Whistling Tune  3.17
(Kid Galahad EP – Released September 1962)

Disc 2
1. King Of The Whole Wide World  2.07
2. This Is Living  1.44
3. Riding The Rainbow  1.36
4. Home Is Where The Heart Is  2.29
5. I Got Lucky  2.20
6. A Whistling Tune  1.46
(Kid Galahad Movie Soundtrack)

7. Girls Girls Girls  2.30
8. I Don’t Wanna Be Tied  2.05
9. Where Do You Come From  2.05
10. I Don’t Want To  2.38
11. We’ll Be Together  2.15
12. A Boy Like Me, A Girl Like You  2.18
13. Earth Boy  2.20
14. Return To Sender  2.06
15. Because Of Love  2.30
16. Thanks To The Rolling Sea  1.36
17. Song Of The Shrimp  2.19
18. Walls Have Ears  2.30
19. We’re Comin’ In Loaded  1.29
(Girls Girls Girls LP – Released November 1962)

20. Girls Girls Girls  2.16
21. I Don’t Wanna Be Tied  2.01
22. We’ll Be Together  1.17
23. A Boy Like Me, A Girl Like You  1.14
24. Earth Boy  2.40
25. Return To Sender  2.00
26. Because Of Love 0.58
27. Thanks To The Rolling Sea  1.14
28. Song Of The Shrimp  2.20
29. The Walls Have Ears  2.09
30. We’re Comin’ In Loaded  1.17
31. Dainty Little Moonbeams/Girls Girls Girls  2.37
(Girls Girls Girls – Movie Soundtrack)

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