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Justin Bieber - Sound And Vision

Justin Bieber - Sound And Vision

More vilified by the media than probably any other pop star from any era in history, and just for the mortal sin of growing up in public - albeit not always with the dignity nor sophistication that our moral guardians from the press appear to demand when it suits them - Justin Biebers transition from boy to man was never going to be an easy ride.
But while the journalists and broadcasters bicker and bemoan, Bieber hasnt been standing around misbehaving while taking the hurt lying down, as the fourth estate may have us believe. Instead he has developed his career, released regular new product, retained his huge talent for performing and singing, and flowered into the best looking and dapper male pop act since his namesake Justin Timberlake a decade earlier - something his young female fans who have grown up with him no doubt appreciate.
This delightful DVD and CD set, featuring a film about Justins rise to the top and a CD interview disc in which the boy himself waxes lyrical about all and sundry, celebrates and documents this bright young stars life and work to date, and predicts what the next phase of his career might witness over coming years.
Completed in deluxe and elegant slipcase packaging with up to the minute photographs included, this set is destined to become a top drawer collectors item and a must-have package for every JB fan still flying the flag for the most successful musical act in the world today.

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