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Pete Seeger - Live At Mandel Hall 1975

Pete Seeger - Live At Mandel Hall 1975

An iconic figure in the mid-20th century American folk music movement, Pete Seeger grew up in an environment full of music and left-wing politics. Following in his father’s footsteps, Pete travelled the American South collecting and recording traditional songs and in 1940 Seeger formed The Almanac Singers. The group, which would soon include Woody Guthrie, were one of the first to record material for a political purpose; their songs were mostly anti-war, anti-racism, anti fascism and pro workers’ rights.
After serving as a mechanic in the war, Seeger formed The Weavers in 1948, one of the most successful and influential folk groups ever. Their string of hits included ‘Goodnight, Irene’, ‘On Top Of Old Smoky’, ‘So Long It’s Been Good To Know You’, and ‘Wimoweh’. However as the paranoia of McCarthyism swept the USA in the early 50s Seeger was branded a subversive and opportunities to perform on television or radio began to evaporate, the group was dropped by Decca Records. Seeger would make a living as a music teacher while playing the college circuit and the clubs of Greenwich Village, becoming a mainstay of the late 50s folk revival.
On October 12th and 13th 1957, a period during which he was having to keep the federal government apprised of his whereabouts after being indicted for contempt of Congress, Seeger played for the Folklore Society of The University of Chicago. Both shows are captured on this two disc set as Seeger performs a selection of his own material and both folk standards and obscurities. The possibility of his every move being recorded by FBI agents does not seem to have affected Pete’s performance. In these recordings, accompanying himself on the banjo, 12 string guitar and flute, Seeger ably demonstrates why he is considered one of the most enduring icons of 20th century American culture.


1. Hoedown’s – Leather Britches/Sally Goodin  1.12
2. Arkansas Traveler  3.31
3. Treat My Daughter Kindly  2.56
4. Conversation With A Mule  2.09
5. Theme From Goofin’ Off Suite/Jesu, Joy Of Man’s Desiring/Duet From Symphony No 7  7.41
6. Letter To Eve  2.29
7. Let Me Take A Ride  2.31
8. Hold On (Keep Your Hands On The Plow)  5.03
9. She Moves Through The Fair  1.57
10. John Riley  3.04
11. Ballad Of Marney Graham  2.21
12. Bard Of Armagh  1.01
13. There Is Mean Things Happening In This Land  1.25
14. The Dodger Song  3.29
15. Sinner Man  2.23
16. Abiyoyo  4.59
17. Dink’s Song 3.30
18. Poisoning The Student’s Mind  2.34
19. Teachers Blues  2.44
20. Great Getting Up Morning  3.37
Tracks 1-8 Recorded Live At Mandel Hall, University Of Chicago, 12th October, 1957
Tracks 9-20 Recorded Live At Mandel Hall, University Of Chicago, 13th October, 1957

1. Roll On Columbia  5.35
2. Reuben James  2.50
3. Clean - O  2.06
4. The Ladies Auxiliary  2.26
5. The Butchers Boy  5.09
6. Tina Singu  5.58
7. The Demi Song  2.34
8. Queen Anne Front  4.11
9. Twelve Gates To The City  3.36
10. Kumbaya  4.47
11. Hey Zhankoye  2.37
12. Los Quantros Generalas  3.00
13. Green Corn  1.35
14. Bourgeouis Blues  3.12
15. Careless Love  4.25
16. On Ilkley Moor Baht At  4.16
Tracks 1-16 Recorded Live At Mandel Hall, University Of Chicago, 13th October, 1957

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