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Radiohead - Arms & Legs

Radiohead - Arms & Legs

Never a band to do what’s expected, Radiohead remains the most challenging chart act in the world today. And almost 20 years since their debut album, this astonishing group continue to make music that has almost nothing in common with anyone else around.
This two disc DVD documentary film set looks at the Radiohead story from different angles. The first film traces the development, recording, release and aftermath of their most influential and rewarding record to date, OK Computer, and by placing this extraordinary work within the context of the group’s entire career, as well as dissecting what has become their most iconic statement, uniquely tells the band’s tale from the vantage point of this 1997 crescendo. The second film looks at Radiohead’s rise to glory, from their very earliest days together to the point at which they became the global phenomenon they have on occasion, stated they wished they hadn’t.
In completion, this set borrows from Radiohead’s own approach to the oh-too-often cynical, stagnant and un-nourishing side of the music industry by seizing the opportunity to produce a brace of films befitting of Radiohead’s truly unique agenda.

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