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Radiohead - Welcome To The Machine

Radiohead - Welcome To The Machine

In 1997, five polite, middle-class English boys released an album that seized the imagination of a generation. Within months, OK Computer was topping 'best-ever' polls in magazines across the world. Not only is the release now ranked alongside the most renowned work of The Beatles, Pink Floyd, U2 and Nirvana, but also, because of social, economic and technological changes, there may never be another record that attains such a rare, elevated status. It seems the music and lyrics of OK Computer clearly connected with millions of listeners. In this book Tim Footman argues that a combination of hard work, good timing and a heady mix of extraordinary talents plucked Radiohead from the ranks of rock also-rans to become major figures in the history of rock and pop, ensuring OK Computer's place among the pantheon of classic albums.The book gives a detailed track-by-track breakdown of the work. It traces the influences at play – from music, film, literature, art and politics – and sets the album in the context of the period in which it was recorded and released. Footman also illustrates how OK Computer is a selection of songs very much intended to sit alongside one another, released in an era before downloading individual tracks and cherry-picking the hits was fashionable. The author also goes a great distance in uncovering the themes it touches upon, ranging from a fear of the [then] dawning new millennium, paranoia, political sloganeering and even suicide. This tome not only represents the most detailed and largest study yet published of what is often considered the last of the classic albums, but also stands up in its own right as the most in-depth analysis of Radiohead as a band yet available.

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