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Robert Plant's Jukebox

Robert Plant's Jukebox


Although Robert Plant will always be inextricably linked with the biggest band in the history of rock music, his solo career, which now spans more than 30 years, has been immensely varied and fascinating. Plant’s musical loves and influences include Rock, Blues, British Celtic Folk, West Coast Psychedelic Rock, Indian Ragas, and a deep love of North African, especially Arabic, music. Plant’s empathy for all kinds of music cultures began when he was traversing the planet with Led Zeppelin. 
As early as 1972, Plant and Page recorded ‘Friends’ and ‘Four Sticks’ with a group of Indian musicians in Bombay. Although these recordings, made in March ’72, were not officially released, they did offer a glimpse as to the direction that Plant and Page might take Zeppelin’s music. One of the band’s greatest musical achievements, ‘Kashmir’, ultimately rose out of this quest to explore other cultures. Begun in 1973, but not released until February 1975, ‘Kashmir’, with its many musical patterns of classical Moroccan, Middle Eastern and Indian music, would be the first time the band managed to showcase in one song all of the elements that made up the Led Zeppelin sound.
Robert Plant’s fascination with both North African and Indian music cannot be overstated and he has talked at length about these influences in many interviews. In 2005, Plant told Jane Stevenson of the Toronto Sun: “When I was seventeen I met a girl who was born in India and we married and had three children. All around me at that time in England where I lived was Indian communities ... When I travelled in the early Led Zeppelin days, Jimmy and I stopped off quite a bit in Thailand and India … and were able to just explore ... I am part now of a movement, I guess, a fusion between North Africa, West Africa, Mali, Southern Morocco, (Algeria) and western rock music.”
In a 2003 interview Plant told Banning Eyre: “From 1971 … I’ve been travelling in the south of Morocco ... I was always exposed to this amazing timbre … it was reminding me constantly of my youth and my love of Son House and Charlie Patton … very archaic African music … The Race Records of the late ’20s and early ’30s were kind of jolly ditties mixed with some real primal music. When I got to Gulmin, Tantan Tarfaya and into Southern Morocco, I heard the grandfather of this music. And I’ve been glued to it ever since.”
Robert Plant still has a vivid memory of how his life’s musical wanderlust began when he first heard Elvis Presley on his uncle’s gramophone. Robert was only seven or eight years of age and yet he has said that he soon began to feel the tone of Presley’s voice stir the “deepest emotion of the human soul”.
“Robert Plant’s Jukebox” traces the singer’s ongoing quest of discovery by selecting some of the music that has informed and inspired one of the most remarkable and multi-faceted artist of his generation.


1. Baby, Let’s Play House – Elvis Presley
2. Who Do You Love – Bo Diddley
3. Don’t Start Me Talkin’ – Sonny Boy Williamson
4. Blackwaterside – Bert Jansch
5. How Many More Years – Howlin’ Wolf  
6. The Ballad Of You & Me & Pooneil – Jefferson Airplane
7. Performance – Ravi Shankar
8. I’ll Go Crazy – James Brown
9. Lessa Faker – Oum Kalthoum
10. Lively Up Yourself – Bob Marley
11. I Got a Woman – Ray Charles
12. Sea Of Love – Phil Phillips
13. Good Rockin’ Tonight – Wynonie Harris
14. Gallis Pole – Lead Belly                                      
15. Omaha – Moby Grape
16. Nobody’s Fault But Mine – Blind Willie Johnson
17. Ahenn Elek (I Miss You) – Abdel Halim Hafez
18. Song To The Siren – Tim Buckley
19. Hey Joe – Jimi Hendrix
20. Fixin’ To Die – Bukka White
21. Crawling King Snake – John Lee Hooker
22. Stick With Me Baby – The Everly Brothers
23. Rich Woman – L’il Millet and his Creoles
24. Cindy – Pete Seeger 
25. Falling In Love Again – The Kelly Brothers 
26. Twelve Gates To The City – Reverend Gary Davis

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